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11 massive LED screens positioned strategically across Capitol for Trump ceremony

WASHINGTON, DC – For the fourth consecutive time, Argyle, Texas-based GoVision has been tasked with providing the massive LED screens for a solemn and historic ceremony celebrating the peaceful transition of power.

When Donald Trump is sworn in as the 45th President of the United States on Friday, Jan. 20, he will be flanked by two 19’ x 33’ G16 mobile LED screens positioned on the steps of U.S. Capitol. Nine additional mobile and modular screens will be set-up in strategic locations around the Capitol to enable the expected crowd of more than 1 million to enjoy a larger-than-life view of the ceremony.

Each of the state-of-the-art mobile screens provided by Learfield company GoVision is comprised of 10mm CF (carbon fiber) tiles, the lightest LED panels in the world. The modular LED screens are configured from 6mm tiles, which are also ultra-lightweight and offer extremely high resolution both indoors and out. GoVision’s team will likewise supply the wireless transmitters that send the video signal from the U.S. Capitol to each of the screens.

A total of 11 GoVision screens will be arrayed throughout the Capitol as follows:

 U.S. Capitol Steps – two G16 19’x33’ mobile units
 Reflecting Pool – two 9’x16’ GV6mm modular screens mounted on scaffolding
 3rd Street – 9’x16’ GV6 modular screen mounted on scaffolding
 Peace Circle – G6 9’x16’ mobile unit
 Garfield Circle – G6 9’x16’ mobile unit
 Grant Memorial – two G4 9’x16’ mobile units
 Opposite side of U.S. Capitol – two G4 9’x16’ mobile units

GoVision is providing several additional LED screens across the city for the Trump Inauguration, including a 14’x24’ G10 mobile LED unit for a private party at the Canadian Embassy.

“Live events don’t get much bigger or more visible than a Presidential Inauguration, so it’s a real honor to have GoVision’s screens front-and-center again this year,” said Chris Curtis, CEO of Argyle, TX-based GoVision.