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The LED display industry has been growing rapidly and has received widespread attention for many reasons. There are many advantages such as high brightness, long service life, power consumption, stable performance and impact resistance. LED wall rental display is frequently used for disassembly and assembly, to meet temporary needs. For example, a temporary outdoor concert needs to rent a background screen, and only allows for a short period for installation before the concert begins. Tradeshows and presentations also require temporary installation and the need for a big vibrant display making LED walls essential. An outdoor display screen provides the highest level of accessibility for live events. With a  mobile LED rental, you can increase your event access, participation, revenue, publicity and overall enjoyment for your audience.  Mobile LED screen rentals are available for both private and corporate functions. Outdoor display screens give you the ability to host a rocking party, unique lifetime event, or revenue-generating advertising or paid event. Tell us about your event get a quote by calling us at (951)402-2000 or visit us online at