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LED screens are one of the most popular and effective advertising methods for indoor and outdoor use. It’s popular due to its flexibility and convenience of not having to print artwork. Different ads can be scheduled to run at different times to target your audience for example Breakfast ads can be run in the morning and dinner ads in the evening. You don’t have to print big billboard that just fades with sun damage or even rip to shreds being exposed to different weather conditions. LED video wall billboards are being used all over the world making it the fastest growing method of advertising. LED Video Walls are used in stadiums and arenas by sports teams promoting sponsors and advertisers making it the perfect place to reach thousands of people perfect for advertising. LED walls are also used by companies for concerts, fashion shows, meetings, tradeshows and much more. When it comes to video wall design and installation, LED Wall Kings has an elite staff of trained LED and Audio Visual specialists that can install and service your LED video wall project. Call us today at (951)402-2000 or visit us online at