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Having information at the tip of our fingertips has become a part of our fast growing technology advanced lives. Adapting to the newest technology and business trends is essential for all businesses including hospitality. The Internet has led to information overload setting expectations higher for hotel guests. With the growing demand, hotels are turning to the digital touch screen in the lobby and high traffic area of hotels. Having these touch screens at hotel lobbies allows for the guests to not only navigate around the hotel and its amenities.  The idea is to give travelers something they can’t get on their own devices: insider information about the hotel, customized tips on restaurants and attractions.  Just like iPads, many of the screens will respond to the swipe of a fingertip. also, serves as a way to promote restaurants and even get staff recommendations on things to do in the neighborhood.The screens are becoming increasingly common fixtures at hotels of all price levels, from limited service to luxury. Here at the LED Wall Kings, we know how important it is to keep up with the times and promote your business. We can install kiosks in malls, lifestyle centers, airports, etc. This application is great to not only direct customers around a property but a good way for additional income through marketing and branding. Kiosks can be static or interactive and can be a great way to educate customers through content and media. Give us a call at (951)402-2000 or visit our website for more information about the services we offer.