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Projectors not only deliver the largest and some of the highest-quality images available for home theater, they’re also frequently a better value than mega-sized flat-panel TVs if you figure the cost per inch of screen. And because you’re projecting an image onto a wall or separate screen, there’s no glass involved, so you’ll see absolutely no reflection or glare from the screen. Projectors can be used outdoors making it perfect for communities to host movies at the park or anywhere outdoors. When it comes to business presentations, HD projectors will definitely give you an edge when presenting your pitch or presentation to your business clients and prospects. You can make an impact with your audience by showing your PowerPoint Presentations on screen larger than 150 inches.These products continue to evolve to deliver higher brightness, better picture quality, sophisticated features and more. To figure out what kind of projector will best fit your specific needs and for professional installation contact us at (951)402-2000