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Live music events and visuals are critically important to an artist’s success. In our digital age and with the introduction of online music stores such as iTunes and Amazon and now monthly streaming applications such as Pandora and Spotify artists lack hardcopy sales. To make up for this loss artists have beefed up on live shows and merchandise sales. Artists now are having to build more value around their live shows with the introduction of more visual aids to make their show spectacular. Displays and lights have been around since technology was first introduced. But now our technology has advanced and offers artists more options to choose from. Some of the top display technologies that are dominating the concert venue stages are LED screens and Projectors. LED screens allows the artist to build almost any shape and size and can be seen from far distances, they are great for indoor and outdoor use. The trend now buzzing is projection mapping which was used for the opening ceremony at the 2016 Rio Olympics. Artists are now able to custom design and custom design and fabricate visuals. With the right projector set up and software anything and anyone can become a display. Being able to adapt to changes in the music industry is a must for these artist, providing a unique and memorable experience for their audience is what keeps sales for live shows rising.