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Unlike menus printed on paper, electronic ones provide the opportunity for consumers to find out far more about the food and drinks and to see persuasive pictures. Some electronic menus also allow diners to pay without asking for a check. This option does not eliminate waiters but it can save time. The various systems available to restaurants claim to boost sales by 10-15 percent. With the new generation of technology digital restaurant menus make it easy to order food and drinks right from your table sending it straight to the kitchen. Older customers are less interested in the technology and restaurants still require satisfaction with the human element. No matter how fancy the restaurant or high tech an eatery must satisfy customers with their food and service. On the other hand the younger the customer the greater the expectation that an electronic option is available. Fast food restaurants also benefit from digital menu boards making it easy to promote special prices and featured items. Technology can also provide more information than any human, including nutrition facts for an entire menu.  The combination can lead to satisfied customers even if they end up paying more.