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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and we had the honor of donating our lighting services to Michelle’s Place breast cancer resource center in Temecula, California. We added pink lights on the perimeter of their building, palm trees, and path lighting. This building will be glowing in pink lighting throughout the whole month of October to show our support to this cancer that kills 100+ people a day.

It must be said that we’ve come a long way when it comes to breast cancer awareness. When you consider that as recently as 40 years ago it was considered impolite to discuss breast cancer diagnosis openly, the amount of discussion today is truly unprecedented. All of this awareness has led to meaningful progress. Every October we find ourselves in a sea of pink ribbons, nearly drowning in breast cancer awareness. The whole month of October is the official month for Breast cancer awareness and there are many events all over America to raise money and awareness for many organizations. Lighting up your business or home can not only show support to women fighting breast cancer but also shows support to survivors. Many landmarks have been known to show support for this important cause that affects millions of women all over the world from The Eiffel Tower to the White House glowing in pink to show their support. Spotlights, perimeter lighting, tree lighting, up lighting and monograms can be used to incorporate pink into your business or fundraising events.