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The use of self-service interactive kiosks with touch screens has gained tremendous popularity in many retail businesses in recent years across various products and retail services. Advancements in technology have made this possible. The intuitive and interactive nature of touch screen kiosks makes them a very popular technological tool in retail environments. Many consumers who have experienced making purchases online would be more comfortable using self-service kiosks than waiting in line or dealing with face to face with store personnel. There is no other technology in recent existence than can generate the same level of engagement and interaction with customers, interactive kiosks can in some cases substitute for employees helping retailers reduce costs. Kiosks can also perform a wide variety of retail functions like providing information, processing registrations and other functionalities that require an interactive electronic interface. These multifunction capabilities are delivered through highly efficient means resulting in better customer service and customer satisfaction. One of the greatest benefits retail businesses can gain with the use of interactive touch screen kiosk is increasing sales. Kiosks are great at being able to show consumers discounts, special promotions, bundled packages and other enticing advertisements that will encourage customers to buy more and more. An increase in sales means increase in revenues and this means a better return on investment for retail businesses using interactive touch screen kiosks.