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It’s official Superbowl LI is on Sunday, February 5, 2017, it will be hosted at NRG stadium in Houston, TX. Preparations are underway to make it bigger and better every year. With thousands of people attending the game and with an average of over 100 million U.S. viewers tuning in it is a major event. Restaurants and bars prepare by having LED wall screens installed in their venues to attract viewers and profit from this big event. LED wall screens are very popular making any place perfect for viewing. The LED video wall can be used indoor, outdoor, on a rainy day, or in direct sunlight without affecting the visibility. Giant LED wall screens are also found in the stadiums where the game is held making it a perfect choice under any weather condition that may arise during the game. Having these LED wall screens at the game is a crucial part of the stadium allowing not only constant updates throughout the game but a great source of advertisement where it’s the perfect time to advertise while millions watch at home.  Our professionals at LedWallKings are ready to help you get Superbowl ready for Indoor events, including concerts, cheerleading competitions, dance competitions, conferences, fighting events, parties, touring events, entertainment venues, corporate events, benefits and fundraisers, religious gatherings, award ceremonies, graduations, weddings, presentations, advertisements, Superbowl parties and much much more.